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About the Television Show, 'Jericho'.

      Quick Help.

      To chat you have to first have a nickname (step one) and second be in a 'Chat Room' (step two).

      Step One. You need to have a nickname to use the chat.

      • Use the 'nick' command to set a user name. Example "/nick Jakesnothere".
      Step Two. You need to be in a 'chat room' in order to talk to other people.
      • Click the "/join Lobby" button (at the top of the page) to enter the Lobby.

      You may have to reset your nickname or rejoin the 'Lobby room' from time to time. If the chat message tells you there's a problem with the nickname, simply pick a new one (using the button above), you can simply add to the end of the one you were using (for instance if 'GreenLover' has a problem, you can try 'GreenLover24', etc.).

      If the chat is telling you to join a room, you can click the "/join Lobby" button.

      Advanced features. Once you're comfortable with the chat, you might try some of the advanced features.
      • Entering /help shows the various slash (aka '/') commands.